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In this modern age of the Internet, various companies or businesses use content marketing to promote their products and services online. In this process, articles are written on business, products, services or brands, etc. and they are published online through a blog site or social media account.

In case of earning money online from home, you can create your own blog site and publish your articles/content there. Thus, from the corporate industry to small and large companies, firms, etc., or to personal money online through blogging, there is a huge demand for content writing. As everything goes digital, the demand for a content writer is huge. There are lots of different online or in-house job opportunities as a content writer.

What is content?

In order to know better what content writing is, first of all, you need to know “what content means”. When it comes to content for writing purposes, content means “whatever you are writing or creating content through your own techniques.”

For example, if you wrote an article using your own experience and knowledge, it could be called content. Or, suppose you record a video with your camera and edit it well by adding some information, etc., then the whole video can be called video content.

Audio content:

Content created or recorded through voice or word pronunciation. E.g., podcast, FM, etc.


Video content:

Content created through video is video content. For example, YouTube videos, web series, movies, etc.

Text content:

Content that is created through writing is called text content. For example, articles, books, etc.

Image content:

Image editing content is called image content. E.g., logo, templates, graphics, etc.

What is content writing?

In this case, content writing means any one content that can be created personally through writing. So to put it bluntly, content writing is writing that provides information on one or more topics. This writing can be on a variety of topics.

What is a Content Writer?

A person who creates or writes his own content using his own experience, knowledge, techniques, and skills is called a content writer.

For example, I write articles on various topics for my blog “”.

Since I am creating content through article writing, I can also be called a content writer.

Types of Content Writing

Of course, there are different types of content writing.

There are many platforms on the Internet that promote different types of content.

As a result, different types of content are created according to the needs of different platforms. As a content writer, you can create different types of content according to your tastes, needs or passion.


Here detailed articles are written and published directly on some special topics. Basically informative and long or short articles are written in the case of blogging.

Social media:

A company writes and publishes small but interesting and engaging content on their social media pages in order to promote their content, product, services, etc., and in many cases to create their own online brand.


Basically, this type of content is written for the advertising or marketing of a company or its products. The product that is written here is called copy or sales copy. The purpose of writing this article is to raise awareness of the quality of the brand so that the public can take steps to buy that product.

Expert writing:

In this case, the writer writes articles/content with complete research and details as an expert on certain topics.

Journalistic / news writing:

In this case, the news related to the news is written. In this case, basically short articles are written which are related to the events of the current daily life. News writing is done in various online news portals, social media news pages, news websites, etc.

Creative writing:

The type of writing in which the writer displays his creativity is called creative writing. For example, poetry, fiction (novels, short stories), scripts, screenplays, etc. written content.

Each of these types of content writing is being used extensively for the purpose of promoting, marketing or branding the current online businesses.